Poufman Furniture Is Perfect For Gamers

Anyone and everyone who has ever picked up a video game has most likely played Pac-man at one point in their lives. And the imagery is undeniably iconic. So one Italian company decided to take those images and turn them into usable furniture.

Poufman furniture is a recreation of good ol’ Pac-mans shape as a comfy seat, with a square pellet working as an ottoman. It also fits perfectly within the “mouth” of the seat, so it’s easy to put aside when you need space.

These would be a perfect gift for the gamer in your life, but anyone can really appreciate an awesome set of furniture like this. 80s babies will appreciate it and anyone who loves a good dose of pop culture in their home.  Luckly, Poufman furniture can be found at a plethora of stores both brick and mortar and online, so you’ll have a great selection of prices and colors.

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Antique Furniture: The Hitchcock Chair

You’ve probably seen

a Hitchcock chair at some point in your life and never even realized what it was called. It’s a true classic when it comes to antique furniture. You probably had one in your house growing up, or may still have one now. The Hitchcock chair doesn’t take it’s name from the awesome director of the same, but of it’s creator, Lambert Hitchcock. In the 1800s, he was able to put his biggest plan yet into action; creating it through an assembly line, not by hand.

Because it’s such a basic pattern and standard issue parts, it’s very easy to replicate. Of course, a true piece of antique furniture will show it’s wear and tear. Also, the earliest versions of these chairs had proofs of authenticity marked on them, so you know you have the real deal if you see the company named stenciled on it. It could be worth a hefty sum!

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A Classic Armoire Makes For a Fancy Bedroom

I love armoires. They are not only functional but extremely beautiful. When I was a kid, I used to love the one my parents had. The top part was big and open and they used to just put some piles of clothing in there and put up little stick on hooks so they could hang a small coat or two. I always wanted to climb into the armoire (Chronicles of Narnia style) and hide in there, especially when my brother and I were playing hide and seek.

Now that I’m older, though, I seriously appreciate  the beauty of an armoire and how it can really make the rest of the bedroom look fancier. They add this flair to the place, the attention to detail really standing out among the other pieces of furniture in the room. So I invested in one of my own, both for the beauty and the nostalgia of how much I loved them growing up.

When you need added space, they are that perfect piece because it doesn’t look like they are just there for storage. They are there to add something more aesthetically to a bedroom, a living room, or even a dining room. They are that versatile and that gorgeous.


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The Multifunctional Ottoman

ottomanMy favorite piece of furniture in the home is without a doubt the sofa. It’s the cushy spot where I’m going to relax and watch Netflix for hours on end or where I’ll curl up with the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel. The couch is simply where all the awesome fun times happen. But what can turn a cozy couch into an epic one is the ottoman. When sharing the couch with loved ones, I can’t lie across it and having my short legs dangle isn’t always comfortable.

But not only does the ottoman solve my leg/foot problems, it serves other functions in the room. Oversized ottomans can double as a coffee table, and when you’re living on a budget, that’s an awesome feat. The best way to make it a spiffy one is to find an intriguing tray to lay on top. The tray can have candlescaping sets, a small vase of flowers, framed photos, and whatever else you could possibly think of.

Want to triple this deal? Purchase a matching ottoman that can be used for storage. Keep extra blankets inside for when it gets chilly. Or maybe you’re just looking for a good place to hide your secret stash of cookies. Either way, the ottoman doesn’t have to be a boring side piece of furniture. Make it a focal point in the room!

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Acisco Gave Me a New Office Chair

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th=”223″ height=”300″ />I was used to sitting in a chair that wasn’t very comfortable. I’d get up and stretch and roll my shoulders back and hear my sternum crack. I’d shift from side to side in my chair, sliding down to relieve the pressure in my seat, and then pick myself up again when I started to reach for the keyboard. Every afternoon around two o’clock, I’d stand and bounce my hands to my toes and hold it for a few seconds. It never occurred to me it might be the chair.

Then someone told me that my posture wasn’t looking too great. I was slumping and my shoulders sagged and I wasn’t standing up to my normal height. He asked about where I sit and what kind of chair I use. I told him just an office chair. He said, you may want to think about getting a new one.

I started to think about it and realized that my work chair really didn’t have any back support. It was cushioned sure, but it encouraged my slump. I looked around on the internet and found a new chair from Acisco, an office furniture company. Now I notice I don’t have to stretch as much and my posture is better. Whaddaya know?

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